About Us

Our passion as YT Food is to produce excellent food products and services. Our team which is working in Turkey's richest farm environments, is rapidly approaching its unique position for leading the sector and setting standards for quality and excellence.

We have received an international acclaim in Turkey and neighboring countries as a leading supplier of egg products in the food industry.

Reliable and Specialty Products

We have the infrastructure to produce your specific product needs with our latest technology process. Environmentally sensitive, technologically advanced production process is designed to exceed the highest quality standards.

Fast Logistics

Freshyum has a strong reputation for exceptional quality and timely delivery. Through the time-saving delivery by our private sector company provided to our customers the quality and excellence that they expected.

AR-GE and UR-GE Support

The passion as YT Food Company is to produce excellent food products and services. Our experienced engineers and technical team provide service for a competitive and quality contribution to the products you have produced.